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Postpartum Doula Services - to help you settle in with your new family 
In-Home Lactation services with a specialty in NICU babies

In Home Lactation Consultant

in home lactation consultant

I have been a board certified lactation consultant for over 19 years with an emphasis on multiples, sick and premature babies.  Unlike most of the lactation resources in the Richmond area, I will come to your home to help with breastfeeding.  For most families in-home breastfeeding help enables mom and baby to work in their own environment, on their own time schedule without the need to pack up  baby and equipment and travel for help. 

If your breastfed baby is currently hospitalized, I am just a phone call away to help you formulate a plan to help you maintain your milk supply and help baby re-establish breastfeeding when he is well.

Many NICU babies are discharged from the hospital before breastfeeding has been well established.  New moms are expected to "work on it" after they are discharged.  I can come to your home and help you transition your baby to full breastfeeding.  

If your baby is still in the NICU we can work together to help set the groundwork for successful breastfeeding.

Please take a few minutes now, before your baby is discharged, to call for a free phone consult so we can begin to establish a post discharge plan.