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Premature Babies - Richmond, Va

NICU and Premature Babies

I think most expectant families have a picture of what their journey from conception to new family will be like. For most families things go as expected.  Occasionally the plan goes off course with unexpected circumstances.  For any number of reasons moms and babies are not discharged on the same day.  This can be a very traumatic time for a new family.  I can be there to  support your family as you adjust to your unexpected circumstances.

For mom this could mean a traumatic birth that lengthens her recovery making settling in at home more difficult.  For a new baby this could mean birth complications, prematurity, multiple births (twins, triplets, quads), medical issues that would include a NICU baby. As your postpartum doula I can be there to assist at home.

I am a postpartum doula with over 28 years as a registered nurse in a newborn intensive care unit.  This experience can be invaluable in assisting your whole family.